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Inspiration, opinions and practical advice – shaped by hands-on experience – around how to activate DAM across business functions to empower a stable brand ecosystem.

Start here to Transform your Content Collaboration

Jun 17, 2024

Marketing and martech operations leaders often get promoted or reassigned responsibilities - one of them being content management solutions like DAM, PIM, and workflow tools. Most of these leaders have no hands-on experience using and building content, but they need to provide the right service to empower the business.

Maximize the Use of Creative Content through Digital Asset Management

Jun 6, 2024

Lindsey Hawkins, CEO and Founder at Blue Trail Digital, was recently interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Business Podcast where they talked about how to maximize the use of creative content through digital asset management (DAM).

Digital Asset Management = Noun and Verb

Feb 28, 2023

Digital Asset Management denotes two things:
1. A technology solution where digital assets are managed.
2. The practice of managing digital assets throughout their lifecycle.

Content Operations - DAM Experts Weigh in on What to Start and Stop

Feb 28, 2023

Blue Trail Digital hosted an event focused on how internal business content operations can better serve the content experience of consumers. This article is to serve as a recap of what we agreed needs to happen inside a business to provide a better content experience on the outside.

How to Activate and Stabilize a Content Ecosystem

Feb 28, 2023

Maintaining a high-quality content experience for consumers requires a holistic approach that focuses on all aspects of content creation, management, and distribution.

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