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Who We Are

We know the DAM way

Our mission is to design stable brand ecosystems that protect brand reputation and amplify the strategic value of digital assets and cross-functional teams.


We want to live in a world where silos are obsolete, and teams are empowered to create exponential brand value beyond the sum of its parts.

Big thinkers deliver big results

It’s different working with us

Buckle up because we’re not like other consulting firms. We push our clients to think bigger and challenge how they approach DAM because we truly believe we can improve their lives and the value of their digital assets.


We know that sustainable change requires great responsibility. We show up for our clients as mentors, protectors of calm, and guides for the DAM journey.


We are a passionate team with a common set of core values that govern how we serve clients and manage our firm.

Do the Right Thing, Always

When it comes to protecting brand integrity, we do what’s right, not what’s easy. We believe in unwavering dedication to integrity and ethical actions. We keep our commitments and approach our work with authentic kindness.

Transformation Favors the Brazen

To transform the potential of digital assets, we must approach complex problems head-on. We will always challenge our clients to make them better. We believe that conflicts are opportunities for improvement, and we won’t back down when things get tough. Let us take the punches - we are all-in.

It’s Not Just a DAM Marketing Problem

There’s a rapidly growing ecosystem of people and teams charged with amplifying the strategic value of brand assets. We pay attention to the ripple effects, democratizing assets and designing an approach that brings all functions together with intention. Hell no, silos.

Structure Will Set You Free

DAM is a growth engine. We know that clear strategy, smart structure and intelligent frameworks – designed to fit your flow – will kill complexity and unlock creative potential. Digital assets are worth more when they are managed and unified.

Partnerships Are Personal

We choose our business partners carefully and treat them as if they are our clients. We believe that complete honesty and openness build a foundation of trust and mutual success. We work hard to earn this trust and expect the same in return.

Empowered Humans Outshine Expectations 

Maybe it’s not life or death, but our work changes lives. Whether it’s in service of our clients or our own team members, we accept the responsibility to guide the people we touch with balance and directness. We believe in building the confidence to be your best self and bringing all of that amazingness to the table.

We’re not a typical consulting firm. We’re passionate about what we do and the value we create.


We are looking for teammates that are confident in what they do, as well as why they do it.

Sound like you?

DAM is a big challenge.
Come join in on the solution.

Our Team

We believe the best teams challenge the norm and show up with transparency and authenticity. Here’s more about us.

Lindsey Hawkins
Founder + President

Lindsey Hawkins

A dynamic professional who combines her artistic background, problem-solving abilities, and leadership acumen to create impactful results in the business world.

Digital Transformation Leader | Content Coach | Art and Design Educator | Entrepreneur | Animal Adopter

Todd Butler
VP of Growth + Partnerships

Todd Butler

Passionate about understanding the true business problem and the impact we have on our clients' experience. Here to help organizations improve how they approach, organize, distribute, and govern their digital assets to drive revenue.

Girl Dad | Crazy Dog Lover | Supporter of Domestic Violence Victims

Amy Kenly
Marketing Lead

Amy Kenly

Passionate about brand building via strategic storytelling, Amy leads innovative, comprehensive marketing programs that drive revenue for Blue Trail Digital.

Mom | Chief Marketing Officer | Marketing Advisor | Aspiring Beekeeper | Reluctant Cat Owner

Lauren Darby
People Operations Lead

Lauren Darby

Expert in all things People Operations, from payroll and benefits to recruiting and performance management.

Dog Mom | People Ops Expert | Startup Enthusiast | Former President of Gamma Phi Beta at Texas State

Ethan Schulz
Finance Lead

Ethan Schulz

Ethan has always been interested in founding businesses, even as far back as elementary school, when he used to make custom duct tape wallets for the other kids on the school bus. Today he uses that innovative spirit – and deep experience in financial planning and accounting – to drive real value.

Rabbit Dad | FP&A Expert | Spreadsheet Nerd | Entrepreneur at Heart

Alam Villet
IT Lead

Alam Villet

Alam is passionate about evolving the definition of IT from “fixing computers” to maintaining and developing a digital infrastructure that gives collaborators everything they need to do what they do best. He finds personal satisfaction in the success and growth of others.

IT Pro | Service Desk Manager | Constant Innovator | Girl Dad

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